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Touring is just another way to say perfectly planned

The Enjoyment Guide shows how easy it is to enjoy hassle-free travel.

Enjoy it all, from the day you decide to venture abroad to the moment you arrive home after an unforgettable journey.

When you choose a touring vacation, every detail is covered. Retreat to a quality hotel in the heart of your destination, and don't be bothered by luggage. Portage is included. Savor the many meals included in your package, but have the flexibility to sample local fare as well. All your transportation and travel is arranged, so you don't have to think twice. Skip the lines at popular attractions, plus get VIP access to sites. And find the perfect balance between planned activities and free time.

Enjoyment Brochure

When there's nothing to worry about, you're free to live in the moment and simply enjoy.

There's a travel option that will change the way you see the world. Access the Enjoyment Guide to Touring, your ticket to understanding the benefits of Globus touring vacations.

Download A Free Enjoyment Guide To Touring

What to Expect from Touring, an Extraordinary Travel Experience
  • A Perfectly Packaged Itinerary of fine accommodations, incredible sightseeing and transportation to whisk you away
  • An Expert Tour Director to share stories of unique landmarks and grant VIP access to top sites
  • Local Guides with insider knowledge who make you feel like a local
  • Like-Minded Travelers who love travel to accompany you along the way
  • And Much More, whether that means arranged transportation, included meals or personalized activities

With more than 225 guided vacations to 70 countries on six continents, Globus helps you explore the world the way you want. Learn more when you download the Enjoyment Guide to Touring.